Tips for Health

Eating the Rainbow

Eating the RainbowThirteen-year-old Sir Lexie, Legend of Love, and a team of Moon Spoon helpers have set out to change the world in honor of children battling cancer everywhere.

Lexie decided to take on the mission of writing a cookbook for kids with cancer after noticing that there wasn’t much available for kids to go by.

She’s attributed staying strong and resilient during her treatments for a slow-growing brain tumor to a very nutritious diet, while focusing her attention on positive activities.

Click here to learn about Lexie’s Rainbow Weapons and enjoy the journey of eating the rainbow to stay strong and healthy with our knights!

Sir Lexie and fellow knights along with the Moon Spoon team spent a day at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts to test her cookbook recipes in their renowned kitchen. Click here to see the videos created by Segal Media Productions.

Sir Lexie’s mom Alice talks about the amazing results of following the cookbook.

Grass-Fed Meats

We’ve learned that a shift in hormone levels is a key factor in feeding cancer in the body. And we’re eating things injected with hormones every day!

Ask your local butcher in the grocery store for grass-fed, hormone-free, no antibiotic or preservative beef.

It is important that you ask so they will realize that there is a growing demand to have food that doesn’t give people cancer! You will be very pleased to find that there are a few stores who are starting to get this message.

Bison is another wonderful meat that is protected from hormones and antibiotic treatments. We’ve recently shifted to ground beef that is untreated, and it’s amazing how good it is.

It has less fat with a flavor and texture that you might experience in a restaurant, and it doesn’t shrink up in the pan the way treated meat usually does.

We’ve found the best prices and availability at Shaw’s and Hannaford. Whole Foods and Stop & Shop also carry bison and grass-fed beef.

Wellness and Wholeness

Mark Mincolla, Ph.D. talks about food and health on New England Cable News.