The Magical Moon Farm was once known as the Torrey Little Auction Barn. Many local people still drop by to share fond memories of the huge auctions that once rang through the quiet neighborhood from behind the large barn doors.

Others tell of their childhood escapades sliding down the steep hill behind the auction barn, then crossing over Summer Street only to end up on the front lawn of Edward Rowe Snow, also known as the Flying Santa of Lighthouses. Mr. Snow must have been amused to see his young daughter, Dolly Snow Bicknell, follow in his adventuresome footsteps.

Neighbor Bill Frugoli tells of the once active windmill that stood on the hill behind the barn to pump water from a well to an early South Shore Hospital across the street.

When the federal style home at 575 Summer Street was built in 1854, it was owned by a sea captain. When he was lost at sea, his widow remarried another sea captain and lived there until the home was sold in the mid 1900’s.

The barn was built and it became a Hood dairy farm. It was used as a boarding house for milkmen at that time who distributed milk all over New England. The boarding house closed when a fire took the life of a Hood milkman.

Moo-nique the cowNeedless to say, when Donna Green bought the property in 1996 there were a few interesting spirits still roaming within the farm house walls. Since that time the only cow that has been seen at the magical old dairy farm has been a life sized painted cow named Moo-nique. Donna painted the cow to be put up on a Cow Parade auction block in 2007 to raise money for the Jimmy Fund in memory of one of her first knights of the Magical Moon Foundation.