The Farm

Magical Moon FarmHave you ever awoken from a dream not wanting to leave it? The Magical Moon Farm emanates that very feeling. People wander onto the property all the time and say, “I don’t know what am I’m doing here, but it feels good.” There’s an irresistible charm imbued in the earth and atmosphere here that wraps you in a blanket of complete safety and comfort, similar to running into a beloved grandma’s arms.

Things aren’t perfect here by any means. We’re a tad rundown, and we have lots of projects in the works, but that is part of our exhilarating adventure.

To know you’re in place that thrives on finding ways to create opportunities based on challenges is very comforting. At the Magical Moon Farm, nothing is ever impossible – it might just take a little longer.

The farm’s four storey barn is massive and solid. Its sturdy presence says, “Here I am to hold you up when you’re feeling weak and I’m not going anywhere! You’re safe.”

The 157 year-old farm has welcomed many travelers and neighbors and housed a few dozen people over the last century and a half. On windy nights you can almost hear the towering tulip tree whispering recollections of days gone by to the aging chestnut through intertwining branches.