Becoming a Knight

From One Brave Knight to the Next…

We’re growing stronger. Families and friends are becoming magnificent armies, supporting our fellowship of knights all over the Earth Kingdom.
Nothing is impossible if we work together.

Fill in the form below for the first stage of becoming a Knight of the Magical Moon.

Child's name who has cancer

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Parent's or guardian's name

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The name the child would like to have as a knight's title (It is important to have this be an empowering name for the child)

I would like to be informed of activities and programs for the Magical Moon Knights

I would like our child and family to be added to your prayer list

I would like notices of fellow knights activities such as birthdays, milestones, prayers needed times, mail needed times, and missions that the knights are undertaking

Please tell us your story

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Within a few days you will receive verification that your child has passed the first stage of becoming a knight.

Click here to learn about all the exciting fun and opportunities for your knight-to-be.