Who We Are… Twelve Knights on a Mission!

We are your basic warriors, though we don’t always look the part. Our disguise is very important. It allows us to win every battle with great humility. All knights, male and female, need this quality. To be able to search inward to face danger shows the ultimate strength of a knight.

If you have cancer and would like to become a Knight of the Magical Moon, click here and tell us your story. We want to hear from you.

Sir Callie the Conqueror

Sir Callie the Conqueror

Sir Christopher Knight of Joy

Sir Christopher, Knight of Joy

Lady Hailey Knight of Hugs

Lady Hailey, Knight of Hugs

Sir Lexie Legend of Love

Sir Lexie, the Legend of Love

Sir Michael Knight of the Magical Sun

Sir Michael, Knight of the Magical Sun

Sir River Sage

Sir River Sage, First Knight of the Magical Moon

Sir Sammi Thriving Survivor Knight

Sir Sammi, the Thriving Survivor Knight

Sir Scotty Strong and Serene

Sir Scotty, the Strong and Serene

Sir Stephanie the Strong

Sir Stephanie the Strong

Sir Sydni Smiling Angel

Sir Sydni, our Smiling Angel

Sir Thomas Knight of the Shooting Star

Sir Thomas, Knight of the Shooting Star

Our Crusade

It begins this day with the word “miracle” hovering about like a luna moth in search of a place to display its beauty. Miracles are curious little things, magical and rare. Ours will reveal themselves as we bond in a fellowship of knights on a mission to change the world.

No one knows it, but we carry invisible weapons – our magical swords. The more love we have in our lives, the more powerful they become. The more courage we show, the more brightly they will glow.

There are many things in this world we don’t understand. We think everything needs to make sense and be fair. Sometimes we have to create our own fairness.

If you’re a kid with cancer, and you want life to feel fair again, choose your knightly name and JOIN US! We’re on a mission and we want you to unite with us on this incredible life-changing journey!

From one brave knight to the next, we stand united and strong, supporting each other through battles and victories!