Knighting Ceremony

When one thinks of attending a ceremonial happening, you might think of the music or the people speaking or perhaps the food. All are wonderful parts of a celebration.

When you attend a knighting ceremony for a child who has gone through more battles facing death than most adults in military duty, it’s different. Your breath might suddenly be taken away by the awareness of grace and courage you see standing before you.

It is with pride that these children stand up and say, “Yes, it was tough but I did it and I am a survivor. I’ll hold my head high and bravely face any battle that comes my way.” It is for these reasons that we present these children with something of real value that proclaims them as real knights.

In the ceremony, they’re dubbed with a knightly name of their choosing with their own real sword. The sword is given to them as a symbol of their strength. The Medallion of Courage is placed around their neck by someone who is important in their life or a fellow knight. The scene is beyond beautiful and moves many to tears of admiration.

Each child is given the invitation to take on a mission as they become a knight. This mission will be to do something positive in honor of their battle to help others. It is intended to put some fairness back into a situation that seems to have none.

These knights on a mission are considered the highest order of knights of the Magical Moon Kingdom. They become the special order of Rainbow Warriors.