Angel Knights

We miss the knights who have fallen bravely and with dignity in the fields. They are the real heroes. They fall fighting for the common cause of freedom from all that holds us down. We honor their courage and the strength and loyalty of their armies.

We’ll carry the memory of their sparkle with us always.

Sir Ricky the Relentless, Knight of Reflection

Sir Ricky the RelentlessSir Ricky the Relentless, Knight of Reflection, passed peacefully to the Place Beyond Sadness this morning at home with his family all around him. We knew we wouldn’t have him long enough. He was a beautiful human being whose heart always led his footsteps and we’ve cherished that.  

One day at the Magical Moon Farm the children and I had a discussion about what we think happens to us when we leave this Earth Kingdom for the Place Beyond Sadness. We talked about it as just another way of being. We thought perhaps our bodies stay behind while the beauty and spirit of who we are speeds up to nano speed. This part of us becomes invisible and able to move freely without pain and sadness. We’re able to stay with those we love and they will feel our presence always. We can watch over them and send them God Winks to remind them that there is a greater Divine power always at work if we let ourselves be open to it.  

Each of us has his or her own beliefs of what happens when we pass. I think no one will ever argue that these beautiful little Light Beings who come to be with us for a little while are anything but precious gifts from the Divine. They remind us that life is short and therefore we need to focus on our blessings. The greatest of these is our connection to each another.

Ricky in his few years on earth managed to connect with more people than most will in a lifetime. Everywhere I go, people know him and speak so kindly of him.  Many of you have collected and dropped off buckets of heart shaped rocks for Ricky over the last few weeks.

When you heard about his noble mission to create a Path of Hope for other children with cancer, you quickly answered his call. Since then, hundreds of hearts have shown up at the Magical Moon Farm honoring Ricky. It made him so happy to see how much you loved him and wanted to help him with his mission.

He always gave “thumbs up” whenever he heard about something positive happening that would be good for others. How appropriate to have the symbol of a heart represent his.

Thank you for being his army and a brilliant reflection of his love. 

Donna Green
On behalf of a very brave young knight of the Magical Moon  

Sir Ethan the Knight of Strength

Hello to All,  

I hope this email finds you all well. I know that it has been some time since we last spoke. Ethan was schedualed to undergo a bone marrow transplant in 1/09 and had several health complication where they found another brain tumor and tumors in his eyes. By this time the disease was in his bone marrow and mets through out his body. Further testing just revealed he has a genetic disorder which caused him one cancer after another. On April 20th Ethan passed away at home with Shawn, myself, Cory, Shane, Nick and Markie at his side. For the past five years, Shawn and I have had the honor to provide the complex care Ethan has needed. All the while, gently balance the needs of his four amazing brothers. We are blessed with wonderful memories of Ethan. In the last few months Ethan care became so intense, I took at leave from my two jobs and in the last few weeks, Shawn took a leave from his job without pay. We are both so glad that we were able to give Ethan the gift of being at home, in his own bed, having family supporting and loving him. It is never easy saying good bye to any loved one, but we know that Ethan is no longer suffering and is finally at peace. He will always be remembered for his amazing strength, courage, hope, drive to be a kid and that unforgetable smile. I thank each of you for supporting our family through such challenging times. It is people like yourselves, that have made such difficult times much easier.  

Warmest wishes to you all.  

Barbara Hickey
Shawn Daly
The Hickey – Daly Family 

Sir Alison the Awesome

As the sun was just beginning to rise and with her family all around her, Alison floated into the Place Beyond Sadness. She left behind her pain and the weakened state of a body that had so many limitations on her beautiful spirit. She is now at last free to be the strong and compassionate angel she’s always needed to be. Her desire to help others is now something she will be able to do without restraint. Her beautiful loving spirit will live on in all of us who will always love and miss her.  

Her fellow knights are working hard at planning the construction of Alison’s Dream, a beautiful Butterfly House and garden that will be built in Sir Alison’s honor. Her face will be sculpted and placed over the door of the permanent Butterfly Exhibit to remind her fellow knights and all who visit that she watches over us. School children will come on field trips to the Magical Moon Farm and see Alison ‘s beautiful sky painting on the ceiling of the House where the butterflies will fly. We want to build an outdoor amphitheater where children can hear music and see plays about keeping the Earth clean and healthy so children won’t get cancer. Alison loved the arts. We asked Alison to come and work with us here at the Magical Moon with the children.  

Her presence will now be felt by everyone who visits. If you would like to be a part of our dream to make Alison’s Dream come true, please contact us at the Magical Moon Farm. If you have something you would like to embed in the Walkway of Love for Alison please let us know.  

A God Wink to all of you from Alison!  

Love, Donna, for my most precious knight and her family.  

If you would like to help us to build Alison’s Butterfly House, click here.  

Sir Gracie the Great

October 5, 2006  

Dear Friends, Magical Moon Army and Elders of Mystic Isle,  

On waking this morning my thoughts went to how clean and fresh and cool the air felt. My allergies said their own private prayer of thanks to the Divine and my next thought went to our knights.  

If there is one thing that I am very thankful for, it is knowing these courageous families. NOTHING is ever a problem once you’ve put yourself in their shoes. EVERYTHING is a blessing.  

I was talking with Sunshine Patty in our office yesterday. She told me how a friend of hers believes that the world has spiritual little Light Beings who come to Earth for only a short time and have a very profound impact on a great many people. I’ve experienced this first hand with our little Sir Luca DeLisi. He guides my steps daily as I work on our Courage package. The messages that come into the foundation from people saying that he changed their lives is astounding. Young Kyle the Kind is another child who seemed to glow with a special mission in mind.  

Imagine making that much of a difference in the world by just being here for a few short years?  

It is with great admiration and deep appreciation that I let you all know that one very special little Light Being has passed over from the Magical Moon Kingdom and is now watching over us from the Place Beyond Sadness.  

Little 7 year old Gracie The Great lost her battle with leukemia yesterday.  

She was a beautiful, feisty, little “Light Being” who touch all who knew her in a huge way.  

She was a special friend of Sir River Sage and his mom, Sir Tanya the Tender.  

Take a deep breath and be ever so aware of little Light Beings amongst us who remind us to live in the moment and choose love over fear.  

Love and Blessings,
Donna (Daya) and The Magical Moon Army  

To send a courage package to a fellow knight in honor of Sir Gracie the Great please click here.

Sir Corey the Strong

Hi Donna,  

Thank you for responding so quickly and thank you for your kind words.  

Our son, Connor, battled with Ewings Sarcoma for 7 years and died when he was 8 years old, August 2003. He taught us a lot about this delicate life and the importance of living it to the absolute fullest, even to the very last breath. It is because of those lessons, that we are left without any regrets, but we miss him terribly.  

When I heard about your foundation, I knew I wanted to get involved. I spoke with Connor’s 2nd grade teacher (she was a wonderful support during his illness) about the Adopt-A-Knight program, to see if she would want to have her class involved and she jumped at the idea. We are both excited about this and wanted to know how we sign ourselves up and how we get connected with a knight. Do you send us the info or is there a certain process to getting the school kids involved?  

Thank you SO much for all you do – we were touched by some wonderful people that helped us in so many ways and even the smallest of ways were an incredible gift that we could never fully describe.  

I’ve enclosed a picture of Connor. Thank you.  

Warmest regards,

Sir Michael The Memorable

Sir Michael The Memorable
The Velveteen Rabbit told me that love is what makes us Real, and I followed him to the Place Beyond Sadness.  

Little Michael the Memorable passed into the next world in 1994 at the age of 2 1/2. He is now watching over all of his fellow knights of the Magical Moon from a very beautiful place.  

Sir Luca the Loving, Spirit of The Velveteen Rabbit

Luca Andrew De Lisi, 3 year old son of Megan and Jeffrey De Lisi, died June 29, 2005, peacefully sleeping in bed with his momma in their home in Scituate, MA.  

Luca was diagnosed with large cell medulloblastoma, a type of brain tumor, that quickly disseminated through his brain and spine. Throughout his ardous ordeal, he fought with incredible courage and an inner strength fueled by the very strong bond that he shared with his parents. Luca was confident, sweet, selfless, strong, determined, courageous, intuitive, smart and extremely loving. He loved to run fast, climb rocks, play at the beach, work hard, enjoy good food, and most of all, sharing everyday to the fullest with his Momma and Dee-ad, as he called his Dad. He purposefully surrounded himself with love, happiness and positive energy. He had a unique talent to capture people’s hearts with his dimpled smile and expressive eyes, and was often referred to as an old soul that seemed to possess a wisdom far beyond our understanding. He touched countless numbers of peoples’ lives and truly made the world a better place by sharing himself with us.  

Luca now sends his light from the Place Beyond Sadness. The Knights of the Magical Moon remember and honor him by raising their hands and sending out Luca’s Light.