Hall of Knights

A Rainbow Warrior’s Code of Conduct

K – Know that you are not alone

N – Never, never, ever give up

I – Inspire the warrior within

G – Go forth in courage

H – Have faith and believe in miracles

T – Train your brain with positive thinking

S – Share your dreams & missions with the world

When the sun’s brilliant rays have subsided
And the day’s fallen prey to the night,
The brave and the strong are still guided
By another spectacular light.
Though their vision’s been blinded by shadow
And ferocious beasts howl and croon,
They have faith in the sky’s sprawling meadow,
And look up to the ever-bright moon.
No brambles or clouds can absorb it,
No fire can outshine its grace.
For it crosses all lands in its orbit
And illuminates every race.
Some people climb trees to get near it
Or try to sail there in one bound,
But the wise see the light in their spirit
And bring the moon’s beams to the ground.
May their fortitude shine in our presence!
May it lead us on through to the day!
May we always preserve its great essence
In hours both tragic and gay!
For be it a splotch or a sliver
Or even unseen by the eye,
By the moon we will all be delivered,
If we only look up to the sky. 

Philip Santiano,
student intern at the Magical Moon Foundation