Staff and Partners

 Donna Green, Founder and Executive Director

Donna GreenLocated in the “Hills of Marshfield” at the Magical Moon Farm, there lives a famous artist and the even more famous Velveteen Rabbit. A number of years ago, artist and author of children’s books Donna Green began to think outside the traditional healing box and began to put into action an unconventional idea and approach to aiding children with cancer. She decided to turn her small dairy farm into the official home of the rabbit that once brought her to places like the White House in Washington, DC and sharing tea with the Duchess of York.

In 2006, Donna met with officials from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, as well as the Assistant to the President on domestic affairs and projects for the First Lady, and with leading medical organization networks, e.g. CureSearch, to go after the causes of cancer as well as the cures – to combat disease from both ends.

Donna is currently creating a book and personal journal for children with cancer. It will become each child’s own story of becoming a knight and learning to fight off the dragon-like creatures that attack healthy cells.

In 2011, Donna received the prestigious “Speak for Thyself Award” from the Duxbury Alden House Historic Site, which honored four exceptional local women.

Donna Green has owned and operated four art galleries in the past and has paintings that hang in the White House and the National Archives. She has 11 million books in print, including her illustrated Velveteen Rabbit. More information about her work can be found at

Monique Miller-McCarthy

Monique Miller-McCarthy is Donna Green’s daughter. She’s been helping her mom run the Magical Moon Foundation at the farm since its creation.

She’s done everything from playing the part of an elf in a Snow White scene for the children at Halloween to helping maintain the five acre organic Magical Moon Farm.

Sitting with children who need someone their own age to listen to what it feels like to be a kid with cancer has been one of her more meaningful roles in the foundation.

Monique graduated valedictorian from duCret School of Art in 2009 with an impressive portfolio of portraits under her belt. She renders commissioned oil portraits during the winter months and during the summer operates her own garden pruning and maintenance business called Green Girl Gardening, which she has owned since she was fourteen.

Monique is an integral part of the Magical Moon Foundation, working tirelessly alongside her mom to make things more fair for the families on this difficult journey.

Her personal mission though is focusing on some of the causes of cancer as she helps to build a healthy earth kingdom in honor of all the children she is inspired by daily.

Sunshine Patty Mulkern

Sunshine PattyPatty Mulkern, known as “Sunshine Patty”, started as a temporary bookkeeper for the Donna Green Studio in January of 2006. Shortly afterwards, Donna asked her to stay on permanently with both the Studio and the new Magical Moon Foundation.

With over 25 years of business management experience, Patty manages all of the back end office operations for the Foundation and keeps all things administrative running smoothly.

Moon Mum Judy Foley

Moon Mum JudyJudy Foley is the official “Moon Mum” for the Magical Moon Foundation and is in charge of all the Knights and their families, as well as organizing events for the Foundation.

She started volunteering here in the fall of 2010 when she and her family relocated to the South Shore.

Judy serves on several additional non-profit boards and brings a wealth of relevant experience.

Ellen McCurdy

Ellen McCurdy is a freelance writer and systems analyst by trade, with experience in business, fiction and non-fiction.

She began working with the Magical Moon Foundation in 2010 to set up key databases, and then moved on to grant writing to help raise funds for our many projects.

Ellen currently takes care of the web site.

To contact the Magical Moon Foundation, call 800-840-0205 or click here.