Board of Directors

Magical Moon Foundation Board of Directors

Michele Lazcano, Executive Board

Michele is an award-winning writer and producer and the recipient of some of television journalism’s most prestigious awards including seven Emmy nominations, two Emmy’s, an Edward R. Murrow Award and the esteemed Gabriel Award, recognizing journalists for their ability to uplift and nourish the human spirit.

Shortly after visiting the Magical Moon Farm with her family in 2011, Michele was immediately inspired, uplifted and determined to produce a piece on the Magical Moon Foundation that would raise awareness about the life-changing work being done here and the amazing impact it’s having on the children and families who visit the farm.

Her story captured all that she witnessed that day and Michele immediately became part of the Magical Moon Family. She knows first hand about the challenges facing families when they receive an unexpected diagnosis or a call that impacts life forever.

Michele has numerous family members who have been touched by cancer, and she was nationally recognized for the Public Service Announcement she produced in memory of her younger brother, who passed away as the result of a car accident in 2003. Following her brother’s passing, Michele became a hospice volunteer and was certified in sitting vigil with patients and families.

Michele has worked in the field of broadcasting for over fifteen years and is currently a Segment Producer with the FOX 25 Morning News.

Michele lives in Scituate, MA with her husband and their two young sons.

Alice Riley-King, Executive Board

Alice Riley-King, a member of the New England Teamsters for over 30 years, has served as a delegate to the International Convention every year since 1994.

A winner of numerous awards for leadership and citizenship, Alice has chaired / served numerous committees and councils.

Alice was the first and only woman to hold the following positions in the 108 year history of Local 42: Recording Secretary, Business Agent, Secretary/Treasurer, President, and Principal Officer. She is also the first woman to be appointed to, and then elected to, the Joint Council #10 New England Executive Board.

The New England Teamsters are devoted to the idea of a building a personal connection and working with the children on their journey. They recently attended a knighting ceremony and Alice knighted one of our new knights.

Having lost her own son Brad Michael, Alice is personally invested in helping all children to stay strong and resilient in any way she can.

Shawn Griffin, Executive Board

Shawn Griffin recently joined the Board of Directors at the Magical Moon Foundation. He is a self-employed accountant who has worked with many 501(c)(3) charitable organizations. Shawn has many family members and friends whose lives have been touched by cancer – some have children who have had to deal with the dreadful disease.

He became interested in the Magical Moon Foundation after a visit to the farm to discuss a recently prepared tax return he was dropping off. During the visit, he had a chance to sit and talk with Donna about the Foundation and its mission. After the discussion, and seeing Donna’s passion for it, Shawn decided he would like to help out any way he could.

He believes the foundation has touched many people’s lives and assisted the families in dealing with cancer and its treatments. Furthermore, he believes what the foundation has accomplished so far is just the “tip of the iceberg” and has the potential to assist many more children and families.

Shawn and his family reside in Plymouth, and he looks forward to assisting the Magical Moon Foundation grow and prosper in the years to come.

Loretta LaRoche, Honorary Board

Loretta LaRoche is the hilarious “Siren of Stress” that young and old (and everyone in between) just can’t resist. She is an internationally-acclaimed stress management and humor consultant, devoted to raising the humor potential in all of us. For more than 30 years, Loretta has used her incredible wit and irreverent humor to get people to laugh, listen and “live it up.”

She’s the author of eight books and “Life Is Short – Wear Your Party Pants” has sold more than 250,000 copies. Loretta writes a syndicated weekly newspaper column for Gateway Media entitled “Get a Life”. Loretta is a member of the prestigious Lluminari network and is featured as a stress-management expert on

The founder and president of The Humor Potential, Inc, a company offering programs and products for life style management, Loretta’s special brand of optimistic psychology has an incontestable positive effect on the health of all that are exposed to her. Organizations worldwide use Loretta’s prescription for laughter to manage stress in the workplace and improve morale.

Loretta is one of the unique performers who can truly cross generational boundaries and appeal to young and old alike. Her material not only entertains and enlightens, it facilitates interaction on the challenges common to all people today – challenges like too much stress.

While Loretta attracts a broad audience who can personally relate to the wit/wisdom she conveys, Loretta’s message is also particularly resonant with those working in health-care, healing arts, and businesses who are trying to create a positive working environment.

Loretta’s seven PBS specials have aired on 80 stations across the country, and she has been nominated for local, national and prime time EMMY awards. Watch an excerpt from LORETTA LAROCHE: JUICY LIVING, JUICY AGING.

Steven Tyler, Friend of Magical Moon Farm & Donna Green


Steven Tyler, American singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, has been behind his friend Donna Green in her dream to build the Magical Moon Foundation for children with cancer for almost ten years.

Being a survivor of many life-threatening circumstances and illnesses himself, he’s been the perfect mentor for our knights in the battle to rise above overwhelming obstacles.

From hanging with the children at Easter egg hunts with his own children growing up, to sending fun decorations and gifts to holiday parties, Steven has always made everything a little brighter.

He played a singing pirate in a haunted Halloween tour at the Magical Moon Farm one year − that took everyone by great surprise as they walked through our old barn only to stumble upon a famous rock star playing his harmonica.

His greatest gift to our foundation though, took place a couple of years ago as he dubbed one of our knights, Sir Alison the Awesome, with Johnny Depp’s sword from the film, Pirates of the Caribbean.

Alison passed away later that year, but was thrilled to be knighted by the King of Hearts himself.

In all the grandeur of his famous life, Steven has never forgotten his family roots. He was raised to follow his star and to always remember where it originated.

As his father before him, Steven is blessed with a talent that manifests light and magic, and we are thankful that he shares it generously with our brave knights at the Magical Moon Farm.