About Us

“I’m sorry, but your child has cancer.” Just the thought of hearing these words is enough to put fear into the heart of any loving parent. The reality of it is devastating.

At the Magical Moon Farm, it is our mission to turn the unfair diagnosis of cancer into an empowering and nurturing course of action. We are not about fighting cancer here. We’re about going head on into fear and seeing what strengths and happy outcomes we can build from a place of hope. Between treatments, there is an invaluable opportunity for building a child’s stamina and working on a positive mental outlook.

When a new family contacts us via phone or email, we invite them to learn more about how we approach the challenges of childhood cancer at the Magical Moon Foundation. If they decide to visit us in person, we set up a time when we can give them a full tour of our Magical Moon Farm.

Immediately we start providing the children with tools that will help empower them on their journey. When children are too far away for a personal visit, we start them on a program in their home town or with their family, using the same approach we use here. We develop a solution that works for everyone.

After the children have been with us for a while, they will also have the opportunity to become knights of the Magical Moon Round Table, where they choose to take on a personal mission to change the world in honor of their cancer.

The children pledge to be fearless in battle and loyal to their fellow knights. Siblings are also invited to become honorary knights at this time. We invite their family and friends to become their royal supporting army, taking on roles as kings, queens, princes and princesses, jesters and squires.

A full suit of real armor is slowly pulled together by a group of leather and metal craftsmen through a Magical Moon Foundation link. The child decides what he or she wishes the armor to look like, and it is custom made.

Family and friends can give the child one piece at a time for milestone gifts along the treatment journey. It takes a bit of the sting out of those stressful treatment times. Children can look forward to receiving a piece of armor each time they go through a medical treatment, and the full suit becomes a thing of beauty, reminding them of their inner strength.

In a touching medieval ceremony with family and friends, the children kneel before someone important to them and repeat a solemn oath of chivalry and faith. They are dubbed with their own newly chosen replica sword!

A handmade silver medallion of courage is placed around their neck, and they state the knightly name they have chosen – a title to represent their highest qualities. This is a commitment on their part that they want to turn their challenge into an opportunity to grow in spirit and strength and to help others, as a result of what they have been through.

It is amazing to see the transformation in the children as they stand up and greet their loyal army. There is something about the sword and going to a stronger place in their minds that makes them feel powerful and resilient beyond words.

It is through facing adversity that we find courage, and it is through compassion that we find our purpose.

The brain has an incredible ability to manifest changes physically from the empowering messages that we feed it. Having their full attention focused on something exciting and fun helps to take away the fear that only feeds cancer.

If you are reading this and you either know of someone who has cancer or you have it yourself – have faith, take a deep breath… and know that you are not alone.

You have some pretty strong fellow knights here on your side. They want you know that this is an invitation to join them in their mission to build a healthy earth kingdom where children don’t get cancer!

Send us your story and tell us how you’d like to change the world in honor of how cancer has affected you.