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Live Music:


Conor O'brien - Lead Vocals and Guitar

Pat McNeil - Drums and Vocals
Mark Paquin - Sax
Brandon Lockyer - Percussion and Vocals
Chris O'Neill - Bass
Sam Davis - Guitar and Vocals


Michael Shaponick has been ballroom dancing since the age of 11, he is currently 15. He has placed first in several national competitions. Michael is dancing in the honor of his late brother, Ricky Hoffman, who passed away in November after a long battle with brain cancer at the age of 11. Michael's story was published in "American Dancer" (July 2008). You can read more about that HERE.

Ava Donovan has been dancing for five years, she won First Place in Junior 2 Prechamp Latin at the U.S.A. Nationals 2009. She is also ranked in Junior 2 Champion level 9th place. She is 16 years old.


Miklos Antal and Liz Tverskoy, currently competing in the international amateur Latin category, have been a successful partnership for a year.

They have placed in many national competitions and believe that dedication and hard work has been the key to their success. When not competing, they enjoy performing at a variety of shows.


Jim Dicecca, President of MASSABDA. Jim and his partner and teacher Janka Kisucky will dance a Tango and a Foxtrot as part of the ballroom dance performance.

Dennis Matveev and Valerie Dubinsky

Dennis Matveev and Valerie Dubinsky are both 9 years old. They began their dancing career at the tender age of four and became partners last year. Despite their young age they are quite accomplished. In February of 2009 they won the prestigious Teddy Bear Competition in Montreal, Canada. In April of 2009 they became the US National Dance champions in the preteen gold category. Their training and performance were captured in the show Dancing Tweens that aired on the TLC in September of 2009. Dennis and Valerie practice several times a week at the Dance Fever studio under the guidance of Pavel Balykin, their dedicated, creative and passionate coach. Besides dancing Dennis enjoys wrestling and reading while Valerie excels in singing and art. They dream of representing the United States at the World Championship and pursuing dance as their professional career.

Coming from two very different backgrounds, Louisa Gorbatov & Yuriy Gerzon both have a few years of dancing under their belt. Louisa is 16, a junior at Newton South High School, and comes from a background of rhythmic gymnastics and music, making full use of her flexibility and musicality to combine with the femininity and beauty of latin ballroom dancing. Yuriy, 25, graduated from Northeastern University and works as a software engineer. He started dancing at the age of 18 and sees dance as the passion that keeps on giving and approaches it from both an analytical and feel-based perspective, focusing on the music and partnering.
Phil & Dasha
Allen & Michelle
Julie & Myron
Sofia and Tyler Sofia and Tyler

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